Limerick Lake (FAQs)

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Fishing FAQs

What kinds of fish are in Limerick Lake?
Large and small mouth bass, lake trout, and pan fish such as rock bass and perch.

When is bass season?
The 4th Saturday of June until the 30th of November

When is trout season?
January 1st through September 30th

What is the limit on bass?
For answers to more technical questions about catch and size limits of all fish, Limerick Lake is located in MNR zone 15 which appears on pages 103 to 115 of the Fishing Ontario regulations book. Note that neighboring lakes such as Weslemkoon and Moira are in zone 18 and since 2014 have significantly different regulations than zone 15.

When is the best time to catch fish?
Lake trout are most active in the 2 weeks following ice out in the spring. This is generally the last week of April and first week of May. While many fishermen want to be on the water on the opening day of bass season in late June, more fish, and typically bigger fish, are caught a few weeks later in mid to late July.

What kind of fishing tackle should I bring?
A medium weight spinning pole with 6 to 10 pound test line and a bait casting pole with 12 to 20 lb test line will cover most situations. A boat pole for trolling with 200 yards or more of wire or lead core line is needed for lake trout fishing.

What are they biting on?
This changes with the time of year, but in the past few seasons, Berkeley Gulp seems to be a consistent favorite. Various colors and riggings of rubber worms work well too.

Trails and Riding FAQs

Is riding on the roads around Limerick Lake legal?
Limerick Township allows ATVs and UTVs to be ridden on municipal roads consistent with provincial regulations. The nearby town of Bancroft also allows riding on their municipal streets making it a fun destination for restaurants and shopping.

Can I horseback ride in the area?
Horseback riding is an approved use of many of the trails.

Hunting FAQs

What is available to hunt?
Waterfowl of all types, upland game birds such as grouse and partridge, rabbits, bear, and white tail deer.

What WMU is Limerick Lake in?
Highway 62 divides WMU 60 from 61. Limerick Lake is in WMU 61.

FAQs About the Lakes

Is there camping on the lake?
There are no other organized campsites on the lake. There are several common use campsites located on Crown or lumber company property on the lake, but they are not official, or approved campsites.

Can I get to the other lakes by boat?
Limerick Lake is part of a 5 lake chain of lakes that are all navigable by motor boat.

Can I drink the lake water?
The Cottager's Association tests the lake water regularly, and in the vast majority of cases, the tests show the lake to be fit to drink. It is not recommended however.

Is there a horsepower or speed limit on Limerick Lake?
No, boats of all sizes and horse powers may be used.

Can I explore the lake in a canoe?
Many visitors use canoes on the lake. As with any larger lake with open expanses of water, the lake can become dangerously rough on windy or stormy days.

Is it a good sailing lake?
There is a wide range of sailboats used on the lake. The prevailing south-west winds in the summer provide plenty of fun for sailors of all experience levels.

When is the best time to visit for fall foliage viewing?
Plan a fall leaf watching trip for the last week of September or the first week of October. The date of peak colors varies each year, but the leaves are usually past their prime by Thanksgiving weekend this far north.

General FAQs

How far is it to the closest town? What town is that?
The town of Bancroft is approximately 19 miles / 30kms.

Is there a restaurant close by?
The Hideaway restaurant in Coe Hill is about a 15 minute drive.

Is there a grocery store near by?
Bancroft has 2 major grocery stores, Foodland and No Frills.

What is there to do in the area?
There are a myriad of activities that go on each year. The area is primarily known for the Rockhound Gemboree and rock-hounding, and for its proximity to Algonquin Park. The best source for information about activities in the area is the Bancroft and District Chamber of Commerce at 613-332-1513.

How do I get to Limerick Lake?
Guests can fly in to either Toronto or Ottawa, rent a car, and be at the lake approximately 3 hours after landing.